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Interior Lighting plays a vital role in interior designing any residential or commercial environment. Through the best use of lighting, we can create a stylish and well-lit ambience that is welcoming to the people and the clients.

Placing the right kind of lighting can uplift people’s moods and improve the beauty of the space in many ways. We are known as the best lighting installation in Dubai. Ee understands how good lighting equipment can enhance the design features of the interiors of a room. Depending upon the lights, the space perception changes, making the interior environment appealing to the people for both commercial and residential properties.

So are you looking out for an Interior lighting service in Dubai for residential and commercial spaces? You are at the right place. We know how important it is to have good and long-lasting lighting equipment. At Design Mart interior Designs in Dubai, we provide suitable interior lighting solutions for our clients. We hold on to quality as we try to give you contemporary and quality lighting systems for your house, commercial and office spaces. Our services are extended to small and large offices, Villas, residential, and other commercial projects.

At Design Mart interior lighting services in Dubai, we tend to enhance the environment with cutting-edge lighting solutions and designs. We know that you are looking out to brighten your rooms and offices with the best interiors and light. We deliver the best solutions to brighten your day and every nook and corner of your space. We have the best technology and use advanced lighting solutions for the fixture. Start planning to switch from conventional options and choose the best and latest trends. We offer you some of the most splendid designs that suit your indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Lighting Solutions we provide:

Showcase Lighting:

Many of us love to exhibit our showcases and items to people, but only brilliant lighting solutions can display our artworks. At Design Mart, we have the best team experienced in improving your lighting. We help to highlight your displays by creating a warm environment for your inner space. So to get a flattering ambience for your space, you can work with us by sharing your ideas, and we are here to install them.

LED Lighting:

Our team always thinks of conserving power while installing lights, and so they always prefer to provide Energy-efficient lighting systems. We focus on reducing both your power bill and meeting your needs. LED systems are always the best option as they consume fifty percent less power energy than other lights, and they are also durable for a long time. We tend to smartly save your power by installing and providing the best interior lighting services for your residential and commercial spaces in Dubai.

Down Lights Installation:

At Design Mart interior Designs in Dubai, we also provide downlight installation. Our team will complete the installation process with ease and in no time. Our expert team will first understand the initial fixtures of your space. They tend to fit the downlights into your ceilings and replace your conventional lighting system. Our company has provided many lighting solutions to various clients in Dubai. We have become the trusted name for installing modern downlights in homes such as in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants or any commercial space. We prefer Downlights as they can turn your rooms into a pleasant ambience and are an ideal pick for interior lighting.


When you talk about lighting, you always need the best switches and dimmers!! At Design Mart interior lighting services in Dubai, we deal with the best brands you need. Depending on our client’s requirements, we have an expert team who will visit your space to install the switches. Our teams are well trained, and they will execute the services in the best way. By installing a dimmer switch, you can reduce the brightness when you need it.

We work differently.

With design & conceptual decisions, we create value for the objects.

Our process at Design Mart is to start with a Concept, proceed with the Design, and make it real by Execution.

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